Alan was born in Mexico City. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at Tec de Monterrey, a Master’s Degree in Marketing and a PhD in Education. He also studied "Video Documentary Production" at the University of La Habana, cinema at the New York Film Academy, as well as the "Directing Actors" workshop at Judith Weston Acting Studio in Los Angeles.

In his career, he has participated in films, television and theater, highlighting the film "Bandidos", “Hidden-Moon”, "5 de mayo: un día de gloria" (Discovery Channel Documentary), “PuraSangre” “Como Caído del Cielo”. On television, "El Abuelo y Yo", "Agujetas Color de Rosa", "A2D3" (as director and producer), "El César", among others. His theater performances include: "Grease", "Los Tenis Rojos", "La Tarea" and "El Abuelo y Yo".

Awards he has received include: Las Palmas de Oro, La Unión de Críticos y Cronistas de Teatro (UCCT) and El Sol de Oro.

In 2021 he was the executive producer of the film “Merry Textmas” for Lifetime channel. He is also a lead Professor of Film and Scriptwriting for Audiovisual Media at the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Región Ciudad de México, and co-founder partner of alaZWorks.

Syncopation is his debut film, which he directed, wrote and produced.